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A Handicapped Bitch in Recovery!

Wednesday, July 20, 2005


I dunno if this happends in the rest of the world but here in Argentina today we are celebrating FRIEND´S DAY.

FRIEND´S DAY is, like Valentine´s day, nothing more than a commertial date when all stores are full of people running and smashing themselves trying to get gifts and cards to be given to all their friends as some kind of recognition (?) to their friendship.
In my case, I like to think that everyday is a friend´s day... I celebrate friendship every single day of my life. Not with a silly hallmark card, (I love them) or a gift( I love them too!) but hugging them and keeping them close to my heart, saying I love you bitch! or kicking their asses to show them I can move my legs again.
..My friends are ANGELS, you all are used to read that in here, they are my strenght, the light through my darkness, the sugar in my coffe... they are everything.
I wont post that eternal sad song about my rehab days again, you already herd it before on this blog but, thinking about it, what if I had been alone then? what if they hadn´t been there to hold my hand?....
I don´t know if this is a special day or not but, even though I haven´t bought any present... to say that I love you (you know who you are...no, I won´t say names you bunch of jealous bitches!) is never out of place.
I LOVE YOU ANGELS!!! (No, I´m not fucking Charlie)
TO MY READERS: you see??? this is the only way I found to avoid getting shooted for not buying them a present.


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