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A Handicapped Bitch in Recovery!

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Opening Memories...from nightmare hell to paradise heaven in less than 24 hours

I know you´ve been waiting for me to write this... if you haven´t, I know you will enjoy it anyway...

08.10am- I woke up (another unkilled erection... God in heaven, send me a boyfriend - morning prayer)

08.25- first look at the mirror (holly crap!, fucking cortizone pills!! I´m so freakin inflated!!! i look like a frog this morning - Alexis, don´t clap!- I decided not to watch a mirror again in the whole day)
08.35am- hot shower (morning pleasure, my mind is lost between new ideas for a possible script)
9.00am- Who the fuck is knocking the door??? oh shit not now! NOT TODAY!!!! DAMMIT! (surprise! unespected visitors from abroad - fucking causins)
9.30am- breakfast with cousins ("we came to BA to buy some stuff for our daughter´s party, we´ll stay here untill sunday afternoon..."- God in heaven, forget the boyfriend request...JUST STOP FUCKING WITH ME!!)
10.30am- time to call Maria, I needed a laugh! (thank you girl!)
10.45am-music brake (god in heaven, thank you for p2p music download systems - oh! Deanne is online...and bored!)
11.30am- still chatting with Deanne and a new "male contact" taken from Gaydar... blog reads (Alexis... that spider thing is still freaking me out! - G.D. U R so sweet,girl!- Jesse, Lovely pics - Tish, I can´t stop laughing...would u ever stop buying? - knotyboy: ewwwww! - etc, ec, etc)... Mr.New Contact is reading now about my ilness on this blog (Presentation Card)
00.00pm- writting emails (Alexis, u were first in line, thanks for your warm words, your heart must be as big as the Empire State... wait...that´s not your heart...;) )
01.30pm- lunch time (yeah, with cousins...God in heaven... nevermind)
2.00pm- back in www (Deanne is still bored...)
2.45pm- getting ready (FUCK IT´S LATE! I´m supossed to be at the theatre by now!)
3.15pm- arriving to theatre - sound checking...(God in heaven, please, make everything work!! - what?? that I should be a better person yet??? oh..SHUT UP!)
4.30pm- door opening (still wondering how in gay hell I ended up directing a musical for kids I HATE kids!!..
4.35pm- wow... I mean WOW the queue is longer than I thought!!! (God in heaven, bless the kids! and get me a single dad for me! what? oh, that again...better person u said? fuck!)
4.50pm- FULL HOUSE!!! WE´VE GOT A FULL HOUSE!!! (I love kids!)
5.00pm- lights off... my heart is going to blow up! (we´re finally here... my music is on stage an I just can´t believe it, i have always been very quiet while I´m working.. I remember when I was performing that all my partners used to run from one side to another totally freaked out during the five minutes before a show opening... and now, if I could run... I definetely would! even with my cane!)
5.30pm- everything is going well (people laughed at every gag, kids just loved the characters and WOW musical numbers are just geourgeous! God in heaven, bless the choreographer)
6.15pm- final applause- STANDING UP OVATION!!!!! SUCCESS!!! (are this tears???.. Curfews!!!! anyone???)
6.45pm- cheering with the cast, they were terrific on stage! (evaluation chat with them, sharing thougths, fears, feelings and most of all HAPPYNESS!)
8.00pm- back at home (yes, my cousings are still here...)
8.30pm- Im looking at the mirror again... still looking like a frog... ohh what the hell THAT MUST BE THE HAPPIEST FROG ON EARTH!!! (And so good looking! God in heaven...remember me?...yes, that one...what? a better person?? FUCK YOU! and don´t forget to get me a boyfriend!!!... hello?... hello?!... dead line? grrrr fucking cell phones!)


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