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A Handicapped Bitch in Recovery!

Thursday, July 21, 2005


This is what you have to do. Turn off your computer. Go to bar. Drink for several hours. Make out with some hot guy. Go home. Drink plenty of water so you don't have a hangover. Go to bed. Tomorrow is a new day!
Ted, from Diary of a Sane Man.

.... Hello my friends, first I want to thank all the comments, emails and calls I got about FRIEND´S DAY, I loved them! It feels so great to know I´m sorrounded by such wonderful people, I´m so happy to know you are around. Thanks. (people... you are making me start all my posts like this... STOP BEING NICE WITH ME!!! HEHEHEHE.)

Well, it was FRIEND´S DAY and, of course, we had FRIEND´S NIGHT afterwards (duh!) when "friends" were supossed to hang out all togheter...(parties, bars, discos and pubs).

As I told you on my last post, I´m not a FRIEND´S DAY guy, cause I think we should celebrate friendship every single day of our lives but, after I got married I adopted a few of my former husband´s traditions: He used to celebrate parties with his friends on this date every year, and as a couple we were, we went togheter to all those meetings. But this year FRIEND´S DAY found me all alone again , thinking about what the hell I was gonna do ( and, of course, with no desire of going to any party no matter how much they insisted or how much I loved them).

You know how hard is to separate friends after divorce, I know that if someone is "taking a side" is because his friendship is not worthy... but after 3 years of marriage, I can´t say I won´t miss them and their wakko meetings. I have my ANGELS and BITCHES with me and life is brighter if they´re nearby.

So...2005 FRIEND´S NIGHT came, and its meeting invitations too...

A few dancer-girls from the cast of my play were going to a suburb pub I had no idea that even existed, they asked me to join them and, after a few hours with TED´s comment spinning around my head, I called them back to say YES, I´M COMING

So Miry (the play´s producer and co-writter) picked me up on a car that night and we went to join the girls at the pub.

Once being there and after ordering our drinks (just coke for me...fucking medication!) I found out that it was karake night (!!!) and I said to myself "ohhhh great, now that I can´t sing even a fool lullaby" ( you know, even though I´m improving a lot with my voice, I´m not ready to sing in public at all!) but then I said "what the hell", and had a great time listening to others fooling themselves (and a guy with a wonderfull voice, if only he would have been cute! but not... ).

Then afterward, music started to make everything better. My girls were so funny (and drunk!) that I just couldn´t stop laughing during the whole nigh. But the greatest, crazyest, funniest thing happened when they took off all tables and chairs to start dancing.

So this was the picture:.

A little suburb pub, full of people drinking and having fun, until a bunch of drunken girls hitted the dancefloor ( where the tables were before) dancing wild and screaming like lunatics, with them, a guy using a walking cane, who after hearing Gwen Stefani´s "Rich Girl Mix" stood up from his chair and started dancing (ok, moving his butt as far as he could) that nanaananana song with his cane on.

Yes, I tried dancing, it was hilarious, try to imagine me trying to goooo with ther flowwwwww without falling down. We stayed there untill 3 am.

I´m happy I did it... THANKS TED!! (I promise that the "alcohol and making out with hot guys" thing will be on my next night out...SOON I HOPE)


well actually he entered a few month ago, but tonight I could hear his voice. A few minutes earlier, ALEXIS, the GREAT Mrs. Astor, called me from Miami. We were on the phone for an hour and, I think, there are not enough words to express how happy and lucky I´m feeling... He says I sound like Danielle Steelle when I speak like this... maybe he´s right.

Thank you ALEXIS... you already own a piece of my heart, I love you. (Alexis...wait... THAT´S NOT MY HEART U BITCH! let it gooooo!!... ok, you can own that too.-hehehehehe)


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