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A Handicapped Bitch in Recovery!

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

"I´m Mr.Brutal and Seductive, like stealing a kiss from a straight guy"

Hello Beauties!!
Im sorry it took me this long to post again but, I´ve been sick since last week... and before my dear Jeff say it...YES, IT WAS MY FAULT.
Last saturday I went to my uncle´s 82nd b-day party ( happily oooold!) and there were lots of wonderfull and delicious deserts I just could not resist... (and it seems my liver couldn´t either) So I´ve been throwing up chocolates and candy shit for the last 4 days.
When I told Jeff the other night he said:"What are you, ten?" he was right, but I rerplied:"they were delicious anyway". So... I´m a fucking candyholic---SUE ME!

During this short stay in tea and 4 cookies, pain on my stomach, unrealeased flatulences (more pain) world of desperation, I found something that took me by surprise and certainly made my days.
UOMOS.COM a huge Latin American gay community that I love and where I have wonderful friends has chosen this blog (yes MY blog) between all Latin Americans gay bloggers to be part of their main page.
My story with UOMOS started last year when I released my novel and they published an awesome article with an full interview included (I felt I was Madonna). Later, Mr. Paul Caballero (chief editor) offered me to write a column on UOMOS.COM ARGENTINA but then my illes became worse and I couldn´t accept.
In the meantime, Paul and I became really close friends (he even invited me to his wedding) and introduce me two of my new ANGELS: his thousand-dollar-smile husband Gregorio and the glorious Dina.
Paul was the one on the phone that was writting for me the letter I published on my novel´s site (chapters were posted every 7 days) telling all my readers that I couldn´t move my hands properly anymore so it was imposible for me to continue writting...
Then, I receive another gift from UOMOS: a very heartfull article explaining why my novel was canceled and wishing me the best thoughts on my recovery.
The last time I saw Paul was during a play I worked at as an Art Designer (while my days between rehab, remember that?) and never knew from him and UOMOS again since then. I didn´t even knew he was reading this blog.


and watch this: the review of my site says:"Brutal and Seductive, like stealing a kiss from a straight guy". ahahahahahahahahahahahahaha I loved it!!!! It´s quite better than "a very fuckable courtesane"
Now lemme ask you this...
how would you rate my site using a short phrase like the ones above?

NOTE TO THE FOLLOWING READERS: Mikevil, Ms.Bees Knees, Deanne, Silvana, Alexis, Knottyboy, Serra and Tish

Bitches, I know what you are thinking but NO, I HAVEN´T SLEPT WITH THE EDITORS TO GET THAT!!!!!

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