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A Handicapped Bitch in Recovery!

Saturday, August 06, 2005


Right in the moment when you think your life is "literally" moving on, and you feel your past is already left behind... your freaking fate, destiny, or whatever u call it, starts laughing its tits off at you and farts on your face saying: "uh oh ... nooope, this is something u must face and.. what the hell, it will be fun!"

I think u all remember my former husband.. yeah, the Jerk, the one I got divorced two and a half month ago after he dissapeared while I was living at the rehab clinic and never herd of him again..., yes that Jerk.

Ok, the story is this: Tomorrow night is the opening of a new play I´ve been working in as an art designer (actually my name is on the credits but I haven´t done much). I have wonderful friends in the cast, people I love and miss so much... So I must be there tomorrow, supporting them, the director and the play.

The fact here is that my ex husband, yeah... the Jerk, happened to be the play´s Costume Designer so, as the look-how-good-I-am person he is, he won´t miss this oportunity to get the audience´s applause (I´m sure his work will be loved, he´s a very talented designer, yeah... that Jerk) And tomorrow... well, I think is about time to let him face me. (ok, to face him again)

I was on the phone with SILVANA, my muse, angel and evil bitch, and she asked me if "I was ready" ... I answered "you know Sil?, I feel nothing" I just can´t believe I threw a 3 years marriage off just two and a half months ago and I feel totally cool and safe, as if he were erased from my life.

So... as Scarlet O´Hara said... "tomorrow will be just another day"... and I will finally see my ex husband again, yeah...that Jerk.



Well, you all can breathe again now! He didn´t come. Yes, don´t go searching for your glasses, you are reading it ok, he didn´t show up tonight.

I went to the opening with one of my Angels, Celeste, then Manu joined us and the three of us, me and my chaperons, entered the theatre 45 minutes before the show started.

By the time we crossed the door, several people, Director of the play included, came to say hi and I felt really happy when I herd exclamations related with my fisical improvements (last time they saw me I was on a wheelchair, now I was standing up on my feet).

Later, the show started and I enjoyed it so much. I loved their work, the acting... even the costumes! (I told you, the Jerk is talented). It was a wonderful experience and I´m so glad I haven´t miss it.

The night ended sharing dinner with some friends from the cast. (and trying to figure what the hell we are gonna do to celebrate my upoming birthday next September 25th).

what?... my what?...what jerk? ah! that Jerk,... well, nobody saw him in a long time (at least that´s what they said) and of course...he seemed to be very sad and lonely (his Oscar´s nomination I´m a martir role) but I´ll stop writting about him...after all he´s just a Jerk.

Ian.- 1.59am


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