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A Handicapped Bitch in Recovery!

Sunday, August 21, 2005


Hello people.
I´m here again, still in shock alter reading the questions you´ ve dropped on my last post (Bitches!!!).
I must add I had to increase my medication not to go kick Deanne´s ass who had the idea of this “ask me questions” post.
Anyway, You have no idea of how much I laughed my white, argentinian, touchable, georgeous and handicapped butt off every time a new question arrived to my DINO-box. You guys rock my world!!!! Thank you so much for being there again, no matter how uncomfortable your questions made me feel.
So here we go!


African sun raises in the horizon ( play LION KING SOUNDTRACK, Circle of life). While King Mufasa is trying to explain his little Simba that he should stop playing with that pig and his friend cuz they´re too gay... the Hippos are still sleeping by the river... all of them but one... let´s call him Ian..

Ian couldn´t sleep in the whole night, he was very upset ´cause he had eaten too much and he was repeating to himself “tomorrow, I´ll start a new life”. So that morning, he decided to go Jogging around the jungle..-. he didn´t know that a very dangerouse hunters team called “the H B readers Group” had arrived earlier the same morning and was planning to add a huge Hippo head to their trophy wall.

After a froot loopped breakfast, our friend started running, leaving the river area planning to be on time to join Cebra´s Pilates class. But, hidden behind a tree, ALASTAIR, the first HBRG member, aimed and shooted showing no mercy:

i)are you a top or a bottom?
i. big deal! I dont think I have a definitive rol, it depends on who am I with, my mood, circunstances... I don´t know. I hate the word versatile, I certainly preffer “easyly adaptable”. (and it doubles the bets).
ii) what is your favourite flavour of ice cream?
ii. Mocha Cream.
iii) have you ever used food (especially ice-cream) when having sex? If not, why not?
iii. I remember once I emptied a cream spray-can on someone's body. But this was just to tease him. Bring your ice cream and we could try it ;)

Then suddenly, lovely John, with a nice cumpliment helped Ian to escape but, hidden behind the rocs, there was Bees and her laser shotgun:

I want to know if you've ever humped a girl before
Yes I did Bees, yes I did..

Our friend jumped to avoid her laser shots and fell...then, the HBRG Queen, Alexis, insisted with another top-or.bottom Granade but it was Mikevil, president of Canadian HBRG and DO IT YOURSELF Club admin. the one who released his dogs:

- Don't you think I am the cutest Dane you have ever seen?
- Who would you rather kiss (for a long long time) alexis or Bees?

You are the ONLY Dane I know... I guess you are the cuttest. Oh, and I´d kiss Alexis AND Bees Knees at the same time if they allowd me (yes, I got my skills), but I´m sure that will never happend, they hate each other.

The dogs were distracted because of a strange smell coming from a corner, and our cute Hippo escaped again. While running, he heard Jon´s pistols (who needs a new pair of glasses) and Dina who ran out of bullets and said:”I´LL BE BACK”. Now a strange noise came from the sky (play star wars theme) is it a bird? Is it a plane? Noooooo its Knottyboy flying a WWII airplane!! Oh oh, our friend is terrified! Knottyboy aimed at the Hippo and shooted:

1. Why do you blog?
1. when I started blogging I thought about how good would be to have a site of my own where to drop all my thoughts, sharing them with the world.. I´ve always been a spotlights lover kind of guy, my friends are always bitching about that. Maybe, in the beginning, that was the aim of my blogging stuff, to be known... I´ve even chosen to write this in english.. to get to more people. (Rene, the first blogger I´ve ever met, encourged me to do that). Then afterwards, as my ilness grew worse, my blog turned into a way out, I realized I had so much people living and sharing every little challenge I was onto, and I felt I wasn´t alone there. Then my blog just started living by itself and I love it!

2. What is the scariest thing that has ever happened to you?
2. well, november, last year, I´ve spent three days in some kind of a coma state, I mean, I couldn´t move any part of my body and I was completely blind...but I could hear!!! I herd everything thas was happening around my bed!!! I didn´t know if I was dead already or if I was going to stay like that forever... That was more than scary. . .

3. Is Argentina a good place to live if you're gay?
3. Argentina, actually Buenos Aires, is called the GAY capital city of South America (sorry Rio, u suck!) actually we were the first who have legalized couples with members of the same sex. (yup, before canadians and spain). Men are just georgeous and nightlife is very wild. I definately think of BA as a great place to live if you´re gay.

Birds flown away terrified because of the noise Knottyboy made when his plane crashed against a tree. Ouch!
Hippo Ian decides to hide under water... he will be safe there, so he ran straight to the river and jumped...
Underwater world is always calm but it seems there are more surprises for our little friend...UK BITCH FORCES sent Deanne on a submarine

TORPEDO 1) Is english widely taught in Argentina
Yes, My non-spanic traveller friends, who have visited several Latin American countries, affirms that Argentina is the only coutry in Latin America when they felt comfortable with the language, it didn´t matter if they were at the beach or in the middle of the mountains, they had found an english speaker guy to help them.

TORPEDO 2) When did you tell your family you were gay, and how did they take it?
to be continued...

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