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A Handicapped Bitch in Recovery!

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Welcome to my Birthdays

Hello sweeties!
I know, everybody says the same and I´m just so used to hear it that it´s like I´m not hearing:
"Ian! you have more than a month and a half! September is not even here! STOP TEASING EVERYBODY ABOUT YOUR BIRTHDAY!" etc etc etc...

Yes, I know... I´m a fucking teaser... but, everytime I think about my birthday, a huge smile comes up to my face and that weird feeling of being a child again takes possesion of my body.
But maybe, to make you understand this thing better, we should turn our time machine on and fly down to an age when Michael Jackson was still a black kid and phones were used just to talk.

I am the first born in a family where everyone had a lot of love to bring... I mean A LOT.
If you think that I had been the only kid in the family for the long 7 years until my fucking brother appeared to kick my bubble of privileges off, then you´ll get the main explanation for several of the most twisted aspects of my personality hehehe,
anyway, I was a little prince and, of course, my birthdays were the reflexion of that: HAPPINESS AND JOY

I can´t remember one single birthday when I wasnt happy. And I´m not talking about material stuff, I had all my family and friends togheter.
I had never been a "regular kid", I was some kind of monster who enjoyed isolation and books while other kids where playing soccer or trying to kiss the girls. (yeah right... who? me??? nevaaaa) and now that I´m thinking about it, maybe was in my birthday parties when I became just like them.

. 6 years, my cake was a huge circus with lions, lights, trapecists, nets and everything...did I ever tell you I hate circus?

Tarzan in a coconut jungle Cake. Another year and one after the other, I always got that feeling..."nothing is imposible... at least once a year"

Theen I grew up, and people says I "became a man", so I started to play this game of being a "grew up adult" even though there isn´t too much of it inside me.
Once a year I still have my own way out, a day when, literally, I have no limits.
"It´s my party and I Drag if I want to"
No limits, like in 1999 when I celebrate my Versalles Gardens Party at a huge discoteque called Palacio Buenos Aires where all my guests had to wear full XVIII century costumes and wigs. Yes, out of this planet.

No limits, like in 2003 when I decided to celebrate on stage and I wrote and direct a Music Hall with 12 artists on stage, 17 diff´rent costumes, dancers, a huge screen, and the dream of a show of my own. It was called "My first concert ever!" and ir still playing in the heart of all the ones who share it with me.
This was last year, I was already ill but, even though I really had my doubts about what to do, Jerk helped me setting up everything to celebrate on our appartment in downtown BA and almost 30 people found their way to fit inside our little home without killing each other. And it was great!

So, soon I´ll be 26... and the countdown to my next Magical day has started. What the hell I´m gonna do this year? I still dunno,,, maybe you can suggest an idea...
and remember...SEPTEMBER 25TH or the curse will get ya!

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