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A Handicapped Bitch in Recovery!

Saturday, October 08, 2005


Hello Beautifull Creatures
After several times trying to reset this fucking computer, and before throw it off the window, I´m posting again, this time to talk about one of the Arkham Asylum most wanted woman:

Ok, this story I´m gonna tell started long ago, even before I came to life... yes, it´s hard to admit it, but actually there was a world before me.

When Viky, My Mom, was a little girl, she went to the movies to watch "MELODY" and God knows why, she became kinda obsessed with this dork movie... and went back with her best friend, Lily, to see it again FIVE TIMES(!!!).

The movie is about two stupid little kids who decided to get married against their parents will (ohh the grown people...) and escape from school (catholic, of course) to live their love story (idiots) away from their algebra class (stupider).
this 30 minutes torture is complete if I tell you that the whole soundtrack belongs to BEE GEES (scary uh?)
Yeah right, the point is little Viky was so exited about this silly movie that she could never forget it and (bad for her - good for the rest of humanity) it has never been played in any theatre or tv channel again.

So, after a whole life of listening that "when I was a little girl, I saw a movie about..." story, I decided to start a research and find a copy of this dorky movie. GOD BLESS THE INTERNET!

What I thought it would be just a "quick Google search" to find the perfect birthday present for my Mom became huge worldwide research in any blog, forum, website and comment box I could find, related to classic 70´s movies or the Bee Gees.

Believe it or not, there is no officially released DVD or VHS and, after searching for a year, I had only found fans who owned copies but they were not for sale
(the hell with´em)

Until August this year, I found a guy from Uruguay, Atilio, ovbiously gay, member of some Bee Gee´s fan club who actually owned a copy of Melody (1971) wich he has bought about two years ago in BUENOS AIRES!!!!

He went running to his his living room where he has that tape and gave me all the distribution company data. While he was giving me the info I called this guys from Movie Express Ltd.(the company) and they told me even though they had the rights of this movie, they hadn´t had any copy for sale. (shit! I was so close!).
I don´t know how desperate I could sound on the phone but this guy gave me a link to another guy in the company and, out of the record, he told me this new guy had several copies of each movie this company owned so, if there was a tape of MELODY, this guy had it.

So I called this Julio guy and told him the whole story. He sounded very kind and gentle and, I must confess, if he had been in front of me I´m sure I would´ve tried to seduce him (just to get that tape... yup, I´m a whore).
After a few minutes of this kind chat he asked me to be on hold for a moment. When he returned he said: " hey Ian, I have a copy of Melody 1971 in my hands right now, it is out of stock but I was sure there was a copy on the archives... please tell me where do you want me to send it" (EUREKAAAAAAAAA!)

SO, after a year, I finally had the greatest present ever for Mom´s birthday. She was crazy about it, I think I have no words to express what I saw on her eyes while she unrapped her present and recognized the name of the tape... maybe a 15 years old lil´girl could explain it better than me.


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