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A Handicapped Bitch in Recovery!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Cathy, Marcela & me on the red carpet

I originally thought about a huge flamboyant Diary of a Mountain Trip Post but, as there werenen´t lots of exciting things happening on my days at Cordoba Hills, you will only have some pictures and a few lines about it.
As I told you, the main reason of this trip was to be at my cousin´s daughter big party and, as planned, this event took everybodys breath away. It was awesome! and all big fat assed Cordoba Society was there.
My first impression when I saw the Red carpet was "holly crap, this will be big!!!"
and it was! the party, food, lights, everything was just marvallous.
I was very happy to be there cuz, when the invitations arrived back in July, I remember I called my cousin and said:"The only way I could be there is if I´m better and my body could deal and resist that long trip" AND I WAS THERE- ALELUYA!

And believe me, no matter how long the trip would be, if you are a cripple, you will travel as a king, not only the tickets are free (Handicapped people has the rights of getting free transportation all over thee country!) you also get the most confortable sits as shown in the picture.

On saturday my Archangel Charly, a friend I hadnt seen since a very short night during the 2000 summer, tooik me out for lunch and a "ride" through the hills.

what put me a lil´down was the fact I couldn´t go out much... my relatives were very busy and I just couldn´t ask them to take me out and "stupid brother" who went with me to "help and assist me" was busy too (some dorkygirl he met)... the point is that I should "work" on my feelings about "depending on other people"...

dont worry, I´ll be ok

oh!, don´t forget to join my game!!!!

I love ya all!


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