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A Handicapped Bitch in Recovery!

Sunday, October 30, 2005

I WON I WON I WON!!!!!!!!

YES PEOPLE.... I am Miss Best Costume for 3rd year consecutive! thank you, thank you, thank you!!


Maku is one of my newest angels, she´s the choreographer of the play I´m directing and after working together for so long, we became very close friends.
She has this gift, she is probably the most creative girl I ever met, and when she told me she was having a halloween party on the lil´house she has in the forest I knew it would be a hit!

And it was, no doubt of it. The way she and her hotty husband designed the Horror background on their lil´house was as histerical as scary (I swer I was "this close" to wet my pants when I noticed there was fake blood thrown all over the place and that the walls were "bleeding").

Chandeliers were the only light and there were black candles (!!) on them. In one of their rooms they had a 1920´s funeral ceremony with a huge antique black coffin and more candles! with huge spiderwebs attached. (I´m aracnophobic, thank you very much Maku!)
oh! another detail was the music they played during the first hour while all the guests were arriving. "Copolla´s Dracula Soundtrack".


I was so fucked up at the moment I knew this party had a CONTEST, cuz I love contests and, as all my flawless Costumes (a Louis XVI suit, a Phantom of the Opera huge cape, a complete Pharaoh golden suit, and a few more I´ve been collecting from the plays I´ve been part of) were still at Jerk´s (my ex husbands) appartment and I had to "talk" to him if I wanted to get´em back.

So I wrote him an email but, as usual, he brought up his shit before I could get something good from him.

Jerk´s emails were enough to resign the idea of wearing one of my suits on halloween, But I didnt want to go dreesed up normally with a sign saying "NUDIST ON STRIKE" so I started to get something new.

Mom brought a box with a lot of suits and accesories from my early years in teathre.. there I found a huge white priest robe and a few ropes. I said,,,, "ok, I´ll be a living statue...like the ones I saw on Recoleta Cemetery".

So, I wore the white priest crap, white gloves (loooong ones) white make up, a white casquette on my head and white ropes around my body. It was like an angel without wings, so I aded a white cape with heavy borders (I attached lil´cotton lines to make it look heavyer) and I painted my cane in white. It was looking good!


The other costumes were just terrific, I remember a girl dressed up as SAMARAH from
THE RING who really scared me, and THE CORPSE BRIDE ,MEDUSA, A TWO HEAD GUY and lots of marvalous and scary sons of a bitch. Then we all had to vote in three categories:


After opening the votes- box (it was a lil´coffin) they announced a tie between Mr. LIVING STATUE (mehhhhhhh) and CHUCKY´S GIRLFRIEND (she was awesome!)

So, people had to decide between both of us and it was an aplause definition.

I won, but I gave the bottle of chardonnay I won to Mrs. Chucky (I don´tdrink) and kept the crown and the band ( soooooo gay!) for me!

There was a photographer at the party and I promise to post pictures as soon as i get them (STOP SCREAMING!)




This lines are for my EX:

Sweety, I know you are 40 and I thnk it´s time for you to GET OUT OF YOUR CLOSET and, because I´m such a wonderful person... I´ll do it for you:

Jerk´s REAL NAME is JOSE LUIS NAVARRO, he´s 40 years old(NOT 35), now he´s working as a recepcionist and Public Relationships for ACABAR Restaurant in Palermo Hollywood Buenos Aires and Joyel S.R.L. AND He LOVES Cock!.




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