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A Handicapped Bitch in Recovery!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The passion of the Pumpkin

Hello lovely creatures of the night!
Another Halloween is coming and, as my favorite holyday, I am looking forward to it.
For your knowledge, Halloween started to be popular in Argentina only a few years ago...
before that, no one had ever cellebrated Halloween here.

ok... go get your South American History Books...
did you get them?... ok, open it in page 56 "Southamerican Dictators"

ok, Argentina had been under a few hedious military goverments elected by a few hedious military goverments that elected a few more military goverments that elected...(...) for more time than its people could bare...

During this dark period of our history, all activities related with creativity were censored... freedom of speech was a leyend and all things coming from abroad were forbidden.
This includes music, movies and most of all, foreign traditions.

After all those years hearing that "foreign is BAD", people in this country just shouted the doors to everry little thing that came from abroad thinking stupidly that isolation ment nationalism and they kept doing this with a fake patriotic feeling on their hearts.

So, after all this you can say that an argentinian that cellebrates HALLOWEEN is considered some kind of a sinner... and of course THAT´S ME!!

Now I am on my room trying to think what the fuck I´m gonna wear on saturday night at Maku´s costume ball while my family is in the living room watching that Mel Gibson´s PASSION OF THE CHRIST bullshit my Mom bought on DVD. (I´m hearing all the whips right now!!!..d i s g u s t i n g)

Any costume suggestions? I need to win the 1st place!!

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