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A Handicapped Bitch in Recovery!

Sunday, December 04, 2005

The HUGE thing

What a title uh?
Well, if you´ve been reading this crap during the last two weeks, then you remember I mentioned something HUGE that was happenning to me... something I was so excited about that I just couldn´t write about.
OK. it is about time for me to start sharing all this crazyness with the people who were there beside me during my darkest hours...

Ok people, let´s share the light!

Early this year (before I had to move to the rehab center) someone was zurfing through the internet and discovered my site, this site.

Since that day, he decided to be my guardian angel and stood by me all the time, during happiness and sorrow (and you know I had tons of both).
He just stayed there giving me that wonderfull gift of a few lines on my email box, then, there were long distance calls that lasted for hours and, later, those endless nights on Msn Messenger.

He showed me I would never be alone, cuz he was taking care of me, and, through the distance, he let me take care of him too.

Because of him I had the chance to meet a group of wonderfull people I learned how to love and share crazyness with them.

Somewhere two or three weeks ago I got this email saying there was a secret plot about taking me up there to finally met each other and that several of my readers were secreately ready to travel to Florida to give me a hug. (most of them are already there).

So, if everything goes well, and I´m sure it will, I´m going to South Beach Fl. next febrary (to get married)!!!!!!!

I love you, beautiful ACHANGEL of mine.

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