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A Handicapped Bitch in Recovery!

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

MORE Good News!

ABOUT THE PICTURE: MORE self exposure, nothing more than that, oh, and the exibits you have requested:

The new goodie is that the parody of HELEN OF TROY I wrote and direct got the 1st Place in the SAN TELMO CONTEST (!!!!!!!).

I´m so happy and proud! I just got the phone call this morning, I can´t believe it!!!

If you´ve been reading this site then you know the circunstances around me the day I wrote it. oh my Godness! it is jut unbelieveable!!!

oh... life... that´s right!


two short ones.

1.(yesterday, at the pool)

my mom_ who´s that guy singing?

Ian_ Cher. Mom, Cher...


2. DON´T MISS IT! (Mikevil is winning and nobody wants that, right?)
Click here to Join THE HANDICAPPED CHALLENGE NOW!!!(quiz)
The contest will finish next december 1st

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