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A Handicapped Bitch in Recovery!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The Chronicles of Bornia

Happy new year for you all my dear readers!
I´m sorry it took me a lil´while to finally get this year started on my site. Thanks for all your kind thoughts about my first birthday in the blogosphere (dec 30).

Today, as I told Deanne, I am in "That" mood... I´m a potential murderer. I called "The office" to know if my passport was ready (They said:" don´t worry it will be ready for January 2nd"). Well, today (Jan 3rd) They told me all passports were coming out with a 15 days delay, wich means I hardly get to travel to Florida on time and the idea of having our wedding posponed BECAUSE OF A BUNCH OF ASSHATS THAT COULDN´T DO THEIR WORK ON TIME makes me wanna go there to chew some office worker´s libs while they are still alive and doing some paperwork.

Anyway... Did you see "Chronicles of Narnia" movie already?

If so, and you liked it (Ethan), you will not be comfortable about this post...
If you haven´t and you are still planning to see it, then stop reading here... cuz I´m planning to destroy it..

I assume you all remember my dad´s latest Toy was a huge and very sofisticated Home Theatre he bought not so very long ago. Well that, and the invention of a DVD burner made the members of my family ask themselves if "going to the movies" means "walking around our livingroom".
The other night I bought a Pirate copy of the Chronicles of Narnia DVD and actually it was a very good copy. But the movie mhhhhhhhh.

Yes, it was a beautiful movie...
Yes, the FX and computer animated characters were awesome...
Yes, the story was interesting...

But, C´mon!, a movie that takes like a half hour to begin, can´t be good. By the times that ugly lil´girl enters to the wardrobe for the first time I was kinda sleeping and thinking about anything but the story...
I am a Disney fan freak, but I´m sure that, no matter how good the reviews of Narnia were, This movie was a black spot on their filmography.
It was boring!!
I loved the epic-like action during the combat scenes, and a few of the characters, but another thing I will never forgive is the White Queen look... dreadlocks(??!!) was she Queen of Jamaica????????? ohhh noooo... I swer, everytime she came up I could hear that "no woman no cry" song in my head!!! oh, and the thought: "this girl needs some cock".
I am not the movie review kind of blogger, but I had to write about this!
I don´t know... maybe its because I´m on "that" mood...

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