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A Handicapped Bitch in Recovery!

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

My "X-Pecial" friend

  • My X-pecial friend bought a new cell phone and called the company (*611) 7 times on a day because he had never wrote the number down and he couldn´t remember it.
  • My X-pecial friend was trying to get a picture of his crotch to make a joke email to his boyfriend, lost balance and fell down hitting the computer table and throwing everything (computer, monitor, notebook, cds and himself) to the floor. NO INJURES.
  • My X-pecial friend had a 2 minutes phone conversation with someone thinking it was someone else and realised about that after he hanged up.
  • When asked about what kind of car he owned, My X-pecial friend had to call his brother to ask.
  • My X-pecial friend bought a Christina Aguilera´s concert on DVD.
  • My X-pecial friend cries everytime he listens to "Midnight train to Gorgia".
  • My X-pecial friend cries everytime he sees a Disney´s Classic (oh please DON´T make him watch The Lion King again!) .
  • My X-pecial friend has pictures of him showing cock flying around the www.
  • My X-pecial friend cries everytime he listens to RENT.
  • A few years ago while rehearsing a play, My X-pecial friend had to wear a priest robe costume and he went back home everynight full dressed up as a priest just to get better sits in the bus (stoopid polite catholics) but he stopped doing that when the neighbours started to ask his mother "if her son had taken the sacred vows" at the grocery store. (stoopid neighbours).
  • My X-pecial friend used to embarrased his mother while wearing a very big pair of sunglasses in public saying they were "exactly as the J.lo ones".
  • My X-pecial friend can´t wait to be able to deance again just to try the latest Madonna´s choreography he saw on her last video "hang up".

Now tell me: "What did YOUR x-pecial friend do?"


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