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A Handicapped Bitch in Recovery!

Friday, February 03, 2006

There´s always a first time...

Mhh... I´m all Sticky, wet and I smell...

Wow, that´s a great way to start a post, don´t you think?

But no, I wasn´t in a wild orgy (I wish I was), no... I just got back from Daniel´s Birthday Party... no, there wasn´t a wild orgy there either!!!

Everything was so pretty, all my crazy friends were there, Maku (co-writer of my last play), my go-go girls, and of course, Hot Daniel and his hilarious husband Emilio (leading actor on my last two plays).

My loveable go-go girls performed a sketch I wrote for Daniel (my B-day gift) and they were amazing, he just loved that 15 minutes lil´play and we were all so happy...
After we had dinner and Hot Daniel blew his candles (32) Maku suddenly decided (not even God knows why) to throw her piece of creamy birthday cake on D´s face.
Then, D´s Hubby replied with his own piece, he failed, then Maku´s husband aimed on the b-day couple, but this time with the chocolate sauce...
and that was the beginning of a half hour persecution between two guards armed with every "eateable" and "drinkeable" thing they could find in the house:
-Chocolate Sauce
-Meat (!!)

We were like 15 lunatics throwing food at each other.... I can´t say it wasn´t fun but... uh... I still have caramel in my hair...

This was my first FOOD FIGHT, the only thing that worries me is that these are the same lunatics that are planning my BACHELOR PARTY...
yes, you would worry too...

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