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A Handicapped Bitch in Recovery!

Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Yes, my flight is leaving in 24 hours...
I decided to make this lil´entry and it will probably be the last thing I write before making my dreams come true...

WOW, that was quite a line uh? but so true... oh c´mon! you, the ones who´s been beside me since the very beginning, and way before Alexis, know what this trip represents for me:

My health: When I was first told about being taken to Miami on a pleasure trip (then, for two weeks) I found myself accepting without thinking about my illness for a half second.
Since this fucking "condition" started to attack my body, I had to think twice before every fucking move I was about to make... (I´m not saying that stopped me, but it was there) [oh my god!, I just said "fucking" twice!... how rude... maybe is the thought about the wedding night].

My Heart: Then, the Love... my beloved friend, my angel, the one who was there all the time with a note, a call, a postcard, an email, a thought, a post, a picture, a hug, a kiss... him, during all those dark months, building with me this unbeliveable love story in silence... the friend who became an angel...

In exactly 32 hours that ANGEL will become flesh... a dream come true, my man, the man of my dreams, and guess what? I´m marrying him!

The trip to that magicall embrace will start in 24 hours from now... count them down with me....

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