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A Handicapped Bitch in Recovery!

Monday, April 17, 2006

Happy B - day Norma!!!!!!!!

Once, you won't remember,
if you said Hollywood,
Here was the face you'd think of,
Her face on every billboard,
In just a single week she'd get ten thousand letters.
Men would offer fortune for a bloom from her corsage
Or a few strands of her hair.
Today she's half-forgotten,
But it's the pictures that got small
She is the greatest star of all.

Then, you can't imagine,
How fans would sacrifice themselves to touch her shadow.
There was a Maharajah who hanged himself with one of her discarded stockings.
She's immortal caught inside that flickering light beam
Is the youth which cannot fade.
Madame's a living legend;
I've seen so many idols fall

She is the greatest star of all.

Note to my readers (if I still have any): This wednesday I'm returning home, that means next weeek this site will be back on its regular posting schedule. See you all then!!

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