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A Handicapped Bitch in Recovery!

Friday, March 31, 2006

THE INNER CHILD.....well, not tht inner...

One night, while we were at Disney (I think it was during our visit to the MGM Studios) I ran into a toy store and stayed there for a half hour buying everything I could find, and believe me, you can REALLY find a lot in a Disney store.

It was a very funny scene:
Ian in a golf car, driving high speed around the store, throwing all dinosaur-action figure-lazer pistol-Stich puppet-Mickey Mouse he found in a lil' basket, while his husband was nodding and giving him the eye...
"what?... there are a lot of kids in my family!"

That was the perfect alibi... until we got back to The Palace and... ehem...
I started playing with the toys during the Music Conference Party celebrated here last weekend.
A soon as I showed the lighting toys to the crowd they got crazy and everyone wanted to see them, touch them and play with them... while my husband was nodding and giving me the eye...
"what? ...oh, the kids in my family... I can always buy them chocolates!"

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