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A Handicapped Bitch in Recovery!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Trying to get back... just trying

Shit, it´s so hard to be me (neurotic - compulsive - obsesive - cripple)!

The main plan was to switch to Workaholic Mode as soon as I arrive to B.A. so I could be able to avoid the anxhiety of being back in troubleland (my parents´)
and I did it! but things did not turn out as they were supossed to and now I am not only busy but also stressed out!

FACTS: I was about to direct a musical play for kids I co-wrote with my choreographer and friend Maku Malanchuk.

During my time away,

-The auditions took place and the entire cast was chosen, and I thought I was cool about it
-The rehearsall times were set up, and I thought I was cool about it.
-They started rehearsing without me, and I thought I was cool about it.
-They made a few changes in the text, and I thought I was cool about it .

Well... I AM NOT!!

I´ve found myself trying to direct actors who CAN´T ACT (a legion of Tory Spelling wannabes without the money) in a rehearsall schedule that stomps on my gym days (remember I´m under a very strict rehab programme) and fighting against my partners to keep the logic in every single scene.

Not to mention I still have to write a few lyrics for the songs.

I know I can be extremely passionate while I´m working, and that I love this play... but I am reallly considering to quit this company and start another project.

maybe it´s just a female thing



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