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A Handicapped Bitch in Recovery!

Monday, May 08, 2006

I know you all usually come to this blog to have a few laughs, and that´s absolutely Fantastic but I´m afraid you won´t get them with this post... My apologies.

Since I got back from Florida, I´ve been feeling a lil´odd (phisically), and, instead of calling my doctor or ask someone for advise, I just stayed cool thinking:"It´s just that I need to get used to live here again... nothing serious"

Well, last two weeks I felt I had more troubles of coordination, my legs were "confused" and it was a lil´bit hard to keep my balance while walking (with my cane, of course).

But I stayed silent (as my insecurities were growing).

I sent a message to my neurologist and he replied giving me an emergency apointment today at 5.30pm.

He was surprised when I told him about all the improvements I had during my visit to Miami Beach, and very worried while he was making a few tests on my body. It seems all these lil´symptoms are the signs of another STROKE.

I must wait now until next week to see the results of several tests including a deep BrainScan to see if this theory is correct or if I am just a victim of some stupid virus I got flying ´round BA endless night.

Last time this happenned, I ended on a wheelchair for more than a year, (not to mention a week on a coma) but this time I´m ready... as I told Alexis (husband):

"it won´t be easy... but I´ve been there already"

And be sure about this:

So let them come...


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