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A Handicapped Bitch in Recovery!

Friday, May 05, 2006

The Endless Night Chronicles:" Embarrassment at the Fanciest Place of Buenos Aires Elite "

From all the marvalous places Buenos Aires Night (and morning, and noon) can offer, Milion is the top of the tops.

Milion is a 4 story building (a french petite palace) built in 1913, turned into a huge restaurant-bar with several art exibitions in the 3rd floor and a magnificent garden (with ancient trees) wich includes an incredible view of the back of the house and its giant Carrara Marble stairs.

One of the reasons that makes Milion´s atmosphere so unique is that all furniture and decoration (curtains, tables, chairs, etc) are original from the 1910´s (perfect shape, of course)and the lighting is set the way you "see what you have to see" getting you drown in another age where you can find yourself having a cocktail on a table between a marble and bronx chimeny and a old large piano.

Another goodie is that you can choose a room of the house and close its doors so you can have a "private party" (as I used to celebrate my birthdays there every year).

Needless to say this place is the choice of every single raising star-local celebrity-new rich- VIPs in town, and that its prices are not easily affordable.

Of course, by the time I was a regular costumer, ahem, my situation wasn´t the one I am now, and I used to go there after work every day, so, the staff started to call me by my name, making me feel home and giving me a few "special benefits" so this place became a perfect operation base to start all my dates, just to impress the boy when we jumped the queue and got the greatest table, or got free champagne to make a tost, or extra chocolate in our desserts.

Last night, my date was the sweet and charismatic actor Martin Perez who, instead of being impressed by the place (that wasn´t the idea anyway) he impressed me by a wonderful talk and a very enjoyable night between cocktails and calamari (his idea, yuk).
The original plan was to leave early to attend a live sex performance called "The Phantom of the Opera" but we were having such a wonderful time that we quit the idea of watching "dickdancers" wearing a cape and a mask (here are the pictures of the show. CAREFULL-NUDITY).

We stayed until almost 4am and left.
Oh! you wanna know about the embarrassing situation!
By the moment the check arrived I took it first cuz my intentions were to invite sweet Martin (This place is so fucking expensive! but it´s worthy) but, when I was counting my cash... I didn´t have enough money to pay the whole thing!!!!!!!!!
It seems that somewhere in the way to Milion, I lost a 50box bill (maybe it fell when I payed for the car, I dunno) and I wanted to die.

Finally, when Martin, who was stearing at me during the I-lost-my-fucking-money-and-I-can-only-pay-the-half-of-it thing (with a same-old-story look on his face) took a hundred from his wallet and, accepting my money, paid the check.

Next goes on me, Martin, I swer...

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