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A Handicapped Bitch in Recovery!

Saturday, May 20, 2006

You know when nice people gets to your heart and become Good friends, they never leave...

And yes, times goes by, life goes by and you would probably loose contact with them, you would probably stop writting letters, or calling... or even saying hi on MSN Messenger...

But they´re always there, inside your heart, in that very same place you gave them when you knew they had entered your life to stay...

Dekel & George, my angels from Tel-Aviv. (THIS is the short story once I wrote about Them)

The reason of this post is that no matter what I´m doing, or where I could be, if I hear the words "Eurovision Contest", I can only think about these two.

When they came to Argentina they brought with them a huge collection of tunes from this very important Song contest from Europe, and guess what? they turnned me into another Eurovision Fan Freak!!!!! yes, living in Argentina!!

Thanks to Sattelite TV and internet, I´ve been able to follow this show every year since they lefft... and, of course, to have each tune, read every review and even vote for my favorites each year... it´s like being an American Idol freak, but in Europe... uhm...Argentina.

I love you Dekel & George



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