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A Handicapped Bitch in Recovery!

Saturday, May 13, 2006


I always reffer to my friends as ANGELS, and that´s what they are.
Since the very same moment the word of my new fall was out they started calling, visiting and even ploting a smart-ass move to take me out.

Angel #1 was Manu, the most loveable straight boy I ever met (I´m sorry Boris), He once came to live with my ex (Jerk) and I to my former downtown appartmen during the first stages of my illnes (he used to take me out to run my wheelchair in the BA fast-speed Avenues). And no, no matter how many attemps I have made, I couldn´t turn him gay (though now he knows the difference between Jean Paul Gaultier and Dolce & gabanna).

Manu came to my house for the day and joined me to my brainscan emergency appointment (at 1am!) and stayed until It was over just to give me a hug.

Angel#2 Maria, Countess of Navarro, My one and only Friend from Highschool, Maria is always there for me, we shared the same passions (and sick humor) If you are a regular visitor here, then you are usd to her name and our evil adventures. In case you are not familiar with them, take five minutes to read this one, my favorite.

Maria took me to her house and spent what it was one of the most painfull evennings I ever expierienced (or remember). [yes Daa´ling, THAT evenning]
She even gave me a pair of fabulous black opera gloves from the 1890´s that belonged to her great grand mother (picture shown here).

Angel#3 was another Countess, the wonderful Countess Bedelia, who was with me all the time, giving me wise advice and love through a thousand emails that were arriving to my email account in the most critical hours (right when I needed them). I love her, and I thank fate everyday to put her on my way.
I invite all of you to read the blog of such a sofisticated lady and, like me, to fall in love with her fabulousness.

Angel #4 was the amazing singer Andrea Toraño (here, a video of a duet were performed on a
Music hall).
Andrea is another familiar name on this blog, She´s the winner of the I-make-it-look-fabulous Award every time one of her outfits enters a room. She really knows where the fan is and how to get it.
She took me out to my favorite place, Milion, and started pushing me in to be part of her new project (she offered me the Production of her next show) thing I accepted right away. (projects are always good!)

Then Angel #5 and Angel #6 joined us at Milion.

#5 Jorgelina, a wonderful Opera Singer I have met last year. A very sweet girl who helped me a lot to get my voice back during my rehab days (my illness affected my throat and paralized it, d making me loose my voice, I couldn´t even speack then) .

and finally #6, Fred.
Fred entered to my life as all the most amazing men I adore did, as A LOVER.
Several years ago we crossed our ways and...well...it happened.
Then I had a stupid boyfriend that was about to get kicked and Edu was a precious, young, suscesfull, good looking man with that hipnotic look on his hazel eyes...well... it happened.
Even though we enjoyed (!!!) our affair, I had my boyfriend,and then, a few month later, Fred found the love of his life ...so "our thing" turned out to be a beautiful friendship that lasts ´till today.
Yesterday, after three years without seeing each other, he entered one of the rooms of Milion to give me a hug. It was awesome.

So, ladies and gentleman!, the stormy mood´s been taken away...

thanks to all of you who showed your support and care and love and prayers and possitive energyand all those líl´things that are like candy for the soul... and as someone commented once: "I AM a gifted person"

Thanks to knottyboy, Jesse, Serra, the guys in SoBe, Scotty, Ryan, Babs, Mikelino, MrU, Tish, Jon, Jeff, thephoenixnyc , Joey, Unknown Reader(so sweet), Marko, and all those wonderful people out there in the dark for all your emails/comments/calls during the storm.

And of course, to my hero, ARCHANGEL, the most sofisticated AA member (no, not American Airlines... no) the reason I go on, my life, lover and now FLAMBOYANT HUSBAND:
( trying to kill me in this picture).

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