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A Handicapped Bitch in Recovery!

Monday, May 29, 2006

and it seems there are no other choices....

Yes, tomorrow morning (monday) I´m going back to the Hospital...
Everything is so scary, sudden and wild, what two days ago was "trying to walk with my cane" now is "please hold me or I ended up in the floor".
What two days ago was "please help me with the fork to eat" now is "please feed me"... AND THE LIST GOES ON...

Sunday was surreal, moving, full of surprises and extremely emotional,

FIRST my Husband, 5000 miles away following every move, supporting me and embracingg me on his love by Skype. "I will never let you down" he said.

SECOND a very weird phonecall-correspondence with my ex (Jerk) who after two years reapeared offering me all his material in case I needed it for a new photo producytion. (he stoill has tons of my own stuff --costumes, etc-- on m,y former appartment) but the most surprisingly thing of this whole thing was the "friendly and familiar" tone he used... as Alexis said: "Ian, is evident that thers´s something he wanted to say for a long time : I´m sorry". THAT´S MY HUSBAND only a man of his integrity could have reach to that conclusion and say it in loud to the man he loves, I love u Alexis, I admire you.

THIRD: The hospitalization, I called my doctor several times to have no answer... but now I know a littlr more about this new treathment, they will put the line straight to my veins for two days and will test the reactions in blood several times a day, wich means I gotta be locked there for two or three days every month. Not that terrible you´d say nut I´m furious...

FOUURTH: I went to see my cast again, and took Mom with me, they were terrific, and I enjopoyed their after party even though I couldn´t barely move from my chair... The surprise here was that I had the honor to share my table with Edda Diaz, one of the leyends of the argentinian theatrical world. When I asked her how she looked so gorgeous she stared at me and said "because I´ve been in love for five years now". it was one on those moments. (here the picture with Mom, Edda and Me).

SIXTH: The projects that keeps on coming, first I got the full director seat of my musical for kids, no more second opinions or fightings with the castt (I fired one of them). Then, my other play, Sade, The divine Marquis is facing another season starting next saturday... (wow). Then Alejandra Kalnisky (photographer) has more picture projects with me--- and all this at the same time I´m turning into a beautiful cactus. (or any veggy you preffer)
and SEVENTH: well... watch yourselves

Now you see why I had to change my mind and go shopping for a robe, slippers, pijamas and sleeping pills????????????

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