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A Handicapped Bitch in Recovery!

Saturday, June 03, 2006


I know,
during the last two weeks I´ve been a pain in the ass for all the readers that come to this site to find some entertainment,... (maybe with My Black Humor Post I got a lil´better)

You see, the Handicapped Clown was switched on DRAMA-DIVA-MODE and, plus the panic of facing the new treatment, the Hospitalization (that never was), the new drugs, the fears of being falling a lil´more everyday AND (despite how professional they are) to deal with stupid doctor wannabes wasn´t material of ENTERTAINMENT at all...

Now, while a wonderful state of peace of mind (PROZAC) covered my day, I´m ready to jump the queue and start the details of an AMAZING SATURDAY that I wish NEVER ends.

(I dunno if you´ll find this "entertaining" but, what tha hell, it´s my blog, I´m happy and I want to share it with you all)


You all remember my Go-Go Girls (The dancers I always work with and the ones who gives those amazing parties such as THE HALLOWEEN BALL or my MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA BACHELOR PARTY - see video HERE)

Actually their real name as a DANCE COMPANY is FUGAZZYMBOLL JAZZ BALLET and they are directed by the talented choreographer (and amazing friend) Maku Malanchuck.
Today they presented two unbelieveable choreographies on GYMONSTAGE, an international dance contest and, of course, as the one who has chosen the music of one of them, I was there at the BA Broadway Theatre to support my girls.
Not only both performances got a place on the Southamerican Finals but also, Maku got the Gold medal as BEST CHOREOGRAPHY and BEST PERFORMANCE. (wooooooooooooowwwwwwww)
Now we are all exited and waiting for december when they will perform again TO WIN THE SOUTHAMERICAN FINAL.(wheeeeeeeeeee!!)


One of the biggests surprises of the day was that Alejandra Kalnisky (I love this woman!) was on the audience of this contest too, so, after the show we went to EL VESUVIO (a classic BA cafe) to drink a couple of "capus" (italian capuccino) and talk about a thousand "abouts"--- it was great.


Tonight was the opening night of a new season of "Sade, The Divine Marquis", the play I had the honor to direct and as I know by now, it has been a great suscess! (I couldn´t make it to the ytheatre due to this cold and rainy night, I couldn´t put myself at the risk of getting a cold two days before my treatment... remember I´m supossed to be "the man in the bubble" until the mention treatment get to its end)
The reviews of the last season said: "there is only one word to describe it: EXCELENT!"
So... I don´t really need to wait to read the ones about tonight...I´m so proud of it!!!!!!

SUNSET BLVD (yes, again)

Sunset Blvd its our movie (Alexis´and mine) and we musta have watched a thousand times...
Since the beginning of our relationship, this wonderful movie has been our own object of cult and the seeder of the 80% of our inner jokes...
The point is that I could never share it with a lot of people I love (I own a dvd that doesn´t include spanish captions and remember I am the only one who speaks (or try to speak) english in the family)
After several tries, I found a very old VHS copy at a Classic Movie Store in Downtown BA. (for less than 8 dls!!!- nobody buys VHS anymore!) And guess what? it has the Spanish captions!
So... this wonderful day ended up on my living room, in front of my old VCR, whipping with my MOM and sharing those amazing Gloria Swanson´s eyes while she said: "and now Mr. DeMille, I´m ready for my close up..."



BTW. I´m in love....

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