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A Handicapped Bitch in Recovery!

Saturday, June 24, 2006

HAIRSPRAY - A Tribute to my Showtune Queen: Matty May

Matt May, love at first sight maybe?
Matty´s adoreable crazyness had entered to my life way before I took my plane to Florida, maybe even before I knew I was going to America...

He was a member of my (then) "friend" Alexis´s gang.

Once the word of a marriage proposal was out (and oh Gawd!, you should know how fast this kind of news run across the entire Miami Beach Society) it was Matty May itself the one who yelled at me on the phone:

"the maids of honor can´t wear peach!!! I hate it!! If you want me to be one, you better change your mind!! My color is emerald green!"

Then I replied: "but shouldn´t I say ´I do´ first?"

Yes, that phonecall chat was the morning of the very same day Alexis proposed to me, I was in heaven (I´m still in heaven=PROZAC).

But there was something in that crazy flaute-voiced-bitch in the line that made us hit it off right away even before we met.

Matt was the Director of Education at the Theatrical Asociation of Florida and, of course A SHOWTUNE Q - WEEN as me.

Matty May, oh Matty May, we share the same passion for Broadway Musicals but, on his case, not only he has that fascinating hability to remember and follow every single line of any showtune you dare to mention(GAYYY), but also HE TEACHES THEM TO THE KIDS IN SCHOOL!!! (Yeah, a legion of lil´ queens-to-be). )(GAYERRR)

If we add that sarcastic sense of humor he has, then you all will be able to understand why I LOVE THIS GUY SO MUCH!


During the last week of febrary, the night before I had my oh-so-scary appointment at the US Embassy to get my VISA, Matt invited Alexis and the gang to see the touring performance of Hairspray at the Jackie Gleason theatre in South Beach.

Tells the story that my (then) fiancee was so nervous because of the pressure of a possible rejected VISA, that he couldn´t even enjoy the show (even from the VIP 3rd row seats Matt got to them).

Well, you know the rest of the story, the morning after I got my fucking American VISA and three weeks later, we were getting married at The Palace.

Once I was in Florida, one day Matt came to us and say:

"Boys, I got three sits to see HAIRSPRAY tonight in Palm Beach, do you wanna come?"

(FOR THE RECORD: you don´t have to ask me something like that twice).

So, Alexis agreed to avoid his Highways-fobia and accepted to be driven all the way from South Beach to Palm Bech to allow his newbie lil´craszy handicapped fiancee to make one of his dreams come true: To attend to his First Broadway Musical Ever.

NOTE: Even though I performed in several productions such as RENT, THE LION KING, between others, and that I had alreasdy seen every single Broadway production tht had come to Buenos Aires, this was my first chance to see THE REAL THING)

So, that night, two weeks later, Alexis was watching HAIRSPRAY again, but this time he was holding my hand.

To my surprise, and to make me set a golden statue of Miss Matty on a pedestal to be adored forever, the invitation included backstage passes and the chance to meet the actors after that marvalous show.

You can read the whole story and see the pictures we took with the cast on Alexis´blog HERE, HERE, HERE , HERE and HERE (As the wonderful writter my hubby is, you shouldn´t miss any of these links)

It wasn´t a surprise then, when we decided that our wedding song would be "You Can´t Stop The Beat" and that the wedding night, Matt showed up with a bag full of Hairspray Gifts (poster, cap & a loveable scrapbook-like souvenir photo album).

Now that you know the reason why this show is so important to me, is time to share the hapinnes of having found a copy of the entire live performance on DVD!!!

Of course this is something you wold never find at WALL*MART

As I did with the video of WICKED, I had to contact the Gay Mob to get it, I´m sure some showtune queen in NY is now in jail because of this but... I´m happy so, who cares??

Now I had the chance to remember that wonderful night with my hands on Alexis´hands watching this wonderful show again...
and again...
and again...
and again...
and again...

But of course... I must control my abuse to this kind of stuff...

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