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A Handicapped Bitch in Recovery!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

UPDATES "The Gay in the Bubble"

Hello from "The Bubble" sweethearts!
First of all, I wish a wonderful ID4 week for all my readers up there in the US!
And now, a few updates...
  • HEALT.- The results of my blood-tests will be ready for tomorrow and, if the numbers are right (we are all sure they will) on friday I´ll be getting my DRUG SECOND ROUND. (I can´t believe a month has passed already since the first one). You all might remember that the last time they plugged that thing on me I had a two weeks hangover so I hope now the "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds mood" lasted a lil´less than that. On the other hand, the treatment seems to be working fine, due to the fact that I´VE BEEN WALKING BY MYSELF FOR THE LAST THREE DAYS, yes, I started walking without assistance and I´m feeling so fucking happy about that!--- Actually, this morning I left the house for the first time in a month (I went to the Bank- big deal!) but the feeling of being out again was great... thanks for all that positive energy you are all sending to me!

  • WORK.- I´ve been having a lot of -mh, how to call them- differences with the Producers of one of the plays I´m directing (yes, actually the one I wrote!). It seems they are all waiting for my absence to make all he wrong decitions (-they did the same thing while I was GETTING MARRIED in Florida!-)... I even started making rehearsalls with the cast at my own home, but... I gave them three more days... I think this time I´m gonna quit for good... and send them to HELL..

  • LIFE.- Since everything about my health recovery are goodies (being walking and strong again, no more dizzyness and sleeping better) plus being in love with someone who´s beside me, holding my hand 24-7 even though he´s 5000 miles away, you can say I´m more than fine!! I even ferosciously started writting again (a play) and that´s a great sign! I also had the surprise of a few old friends who suddenly came up in my life again... people I love and I thought I had lost in the road a long time ago... (one of them found my ssite through Google! HA!)

All right guys!!! time to go back to mi Bubble.-

See ya soon!



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