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A Handicapped Bitch in Recovery!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Every July 20th, Argentinians (I dunno about others) celebrate "Friend´s Day"... (NO, not the sitcom, it´s kinda Mother´s Day but this time, the gift is going to your pals).

So, every giftshop is packed and all stationery stores are full of people buying postcards, presents, flowers and all kind of silly object they think their friends would just die to own...

Another big thing about this celebration (besides the increase in the price of all these objects) are the endless list of big parties!
Yes, everyone you know is dealing with two or three diff´rent parties to attend (even yourself!).

As all my friends know, I don´t give a shit about this "Special date" due to the thought of "everyday should be a Friend´s Day" but they also know how I LOOOOOOOOVE TO PARTY!

So, even though they KNOW they will never get a HAPPY FRIEND´S DAY postcard from me, every year, since the beginning of July, the invitations start to arrive.

WELL, this year found me inside "The Bubble" so I won´t have the chance to write another "Endless Nights Chronicles" post... but Miri, my friend, is throwing a "get together" at her house and it includes dinner and music (!!!) so I´m going out for the first time since the treatment has began.


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