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A Handicapped Bitch in Recovery!

Friday, July 14, 2006



A few weeks ago I wrote:

"He entered to my life as all the most amazing men I adore did, as A LOVER"

I was talking about Fred, the man sleeping with his little nephew in the picture above. Fred, once a lover now a wonderful friend.

I know it sounds crazy... actually I realized about that after my husband politely called me "a whore" when he read that line... BUT IT´S TRUE.
When I look back at all the guys that really ment something for me (I mean as friends) is "funny" how I can picture most of them naked in my bed (figurative, I can´t assure it was always in my bed, lol)

The point is that, instead of thinking of me as "a whore" (I know you are!) I can say I´m kinda proud...

no! not proud of being a whore, bitch! the reason? I´m not sure... maybe proud of being
able to turn something meanningless (a lover) into the greatest treasure a human being can cherish (friendship).

Most of you might be wondering why in gay hell I decided to blog about this...

well... I can only say that it was such a good experience to open my email box and find Fred´s emails (including the one with that loveable picture) asking about my health and saying that his boyfriend (They have been together for more than three years now) was also worried about me...

"Life will find a way" says Ian Malcolm in Jurassic Park...

of course he was talking about dinosaurs but that phrase came to my mind when I found myself "happily married" reading an e-mail from a "happily married" former lover who´s telling me that he and his boyfriend are worried about my health...

And I thought whores only get the money on the night-table in the morning after...

well... after several years I got a beautiful picture too!

To read more about Fred in my blog, click HERE(see Angel#6).


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