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A Handicapped Bitch in Recovery!

Saturday, July 29, 2006



Stay there and keep doing your your JesusChrist Superstar Act and make sure this time you´ll bleed to death!

It was a hell of a week... suddenly a Huge Breakdown took over my life and, though I didn´t want to write on my blog about it, I´ve been feeling like crap in the last few days.

My drug treatment seems to be losing its power and the secundary effects started fistfucking my brain every night. Insomnia, panic attacks , anxhiety disorders... a true nightmare.

A week ago, I wrote the Countess:

[...]this weekend was very sad
Madonna performed in Miami her last show of this world tour in the US.

call me stupid, but I was so sad I couldn´t make it, this time I had my hopes that I could be there... and that made me think about where should I be now and where I am... stucked in my room, stucked in Buenos Aires, Stucked... period. far from the ones I love.

Last night I had a horrible panic attack and I had to ask Mom to stay with me... I know I won´t be able to go to the US in september as planned, and who knows for how long...
it was about time, wasn´t it?

Yes... there was a huge background, it wasn´t Madonna´s fault, but it started my loopings in that hedious DEPRESSION rollercoaster...

On the other hand, Madonna DID CANCELL the Southamerican leg of her Confessions World Tour, and, being a huge fan of her, I am so dissapointed and sad about it...



And now, for the Lub of GOD, Robbie Williams just confirmed his two dates (70.000 seats each) at the Monumental River Plate Stadium in (of course!) Buenos Aires next October 13rd and 14th.

The ticket chase will begin next monday at 10.00am and it seems they will be a REAL PAIN IN THE ASS to get.

In March this year, U2 sold out two dates at the very same Stadium in only three hours... Just imagine what this Ticket Hunt would be knowing that the "pain in the ass" is coming from this hottie and not from BONO!.

(Thanks to my friend Guillo! he will purchase tickets in my name! I can´t do it while I´m in the Bubble!!)


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