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A Handicapped Bitch in Recovery!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Outta TheBubble, Into The Gym

Standing Ovation please!

Yesterday morning The Handicapped Bitch started Gym again (No, not to get a hidden camera in the locker room!).

After a very rugh week when depression reigned and desperation ruled, after crying lots of useless and stupid tears When I thought I couldn´t see an ending for all this crap (I still can´t, but at least I´m not crying) and after finally getting some sleep (remember I´ve been suffering from Insomnia for the last two weeks) I tried my Jogging pants on, my Hairspray and raaaaaaadiooooooooo and I was ready to gooooooooooo... (God I must stop listening to Showtunes!)

Today at 4.30pm I have an appointment with my neurologist... Let´s see what he has to say...

FOR THE RECORD: This new tone of Blonde I´ve dyed my hair with yesterday night really sucks, remind me to kill the colorist.

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