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A Handicapped Bitch in Recovery!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Ian´s Belated B.Day Party a la South Beach

Everytime I say that I had no idea about the plans of having a Birthday celebration in Florida after a month of my real birthday date, I get "the eye" from my skeptic friends. But it is the truth!

While I was getting ready for my oh-so-expected trip to Miami Beach, emails were flying between South Beach and Transylchusetts, plotting about this surprise and even exchanging photos of potential locations.

It was until The day before my flight that I´ve been told I was about to have "another" B.Day Party and, of course, couldn´t say no (as if I wanted to!)

Alexis picked up the phone and voilá! Twist opened their ´infamous´ Bungalow Bar just for Us.

In most of the cases it was my first chance to see again most of my friends in the US, that added a the feeling of a delicious scent spreaded all over the the room. n thepicture above,, Countess Bedelia is welcoming me with a hug while Bennet smiles in the background.

Princess Ileanna von Hollandaise

Just bebore the Gifts openning, I had the honor of being awarded with the hereditarily-purchased title of Princess Ilana von Hollandaise by The Court assembled and The "gracious" Countess duBarry as the Master of Ceremony (a.k.a. Fairy Godmother).

Sillyness is such a great thing when it becomes a way of living!

As long as we don´t get adicted to it...

A lavish grilled lunch was hosted by That Pimpernel, our Swiss banker, Chris

The Countess and Alexis helped me to openthe presents, THEY WERE FAAAAAAAAABULOUS!!!!!!

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