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A Handicapped Bitch in Recovery!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

HALLOWEEN 2006 - South Beach, Fl

After a very turbulent 8 1/2 hours flight (and after 12 hours of sleep) I am finally home and able to post again.

This trip was fabulous in every aspect I could think of... it was full of fun, love, great friends, great parties, and above all things... MADNESS!

It was really hard for us to stay in one piece being trapped between so many events in the Lalaland of Joy and endless cocktails... Alexis and I almost fainted away after ten days of non-stop gatherings, but let me tell ya, love&fun is the greatest medicine a handicapped boy could get.

The main Event of this trip was the Amazing Save Dade´s Halloween Ball at the Miami Childrens Museum.
"The Family" got together the day before with huge boxes and suitcases contaigning the most wonderful costumes a party like this ($150 a ticket)required.

Our choice (Alexis´ idea) was a noble tribute to WHATEVER HAPENED TO BABY JANE? where I performed the abused Blanche Hudson (Joan Crawford) and my beloved husband (kicking, slapping and "abusing" me) performed a lil´over weighted BABY JANE HUDSON (Bette Davis)

As you all can see in this pictures, details were everywhere, since the ice-cream cones Jane has in the end of the movie...

...TO the rat.
Here´s part of "The Family" posing on a huge shell.
From L to R: Ian Ivy (Blanche Hudson), Alexis duBois (Jane Hudson), Peter duBarry (La Maja), Mark (Fallen Angel) and The Countess Bedelia (as Herself)

It was shocking to see the cover of the Miami Herald one morning... everyone in Ssouth Beach was talking about it. It seems one of the Thousands pictures we made that night at the ball was for The Miami Herald... AND WE GOT THE COVER!!!!!!!!!!!

The text to the left read: "Ian Ivy (left) and Alexis duBois reenact a scene from the movie, "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?" during SAVE Dade's annual Halloween extravaganza Saturday at Miami Children's Museum on Watson's Island."

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