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A Handicapped Bitch in Recovery!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I love HEROES, it´s a terrific show.
The opening was the night of my birthday and a half hour (or less) minutes lates, the chapter was availeable to download (on the darkest corners of the p2p crimeboards).

Since that night, my friend Guillo and I became the (only?) two argentinian fans of this show, waiting every week for the following 30 minutes after the show when the files start to come up on the downleable lists.

I can´t remember the last time I felt so crazy about a tv show and I gotta admit I can´t wait to see it showing in my country, everyone who watched it at my house went wild and I really don´t know why it´s not on here yet.

Here´s NBC´s official trailer:

And HERE´S my HEROES infatuation: Adrian Pasdar.
I first met Pasdar back in 1996 when he starred PROFIT, an amazing 8 episodes mini-series about an ambicious and mercyless yuppi scum trying to succed in Manhattan.
Since then, he´s been part of several tv shows and movies but, for me, he will always be Jim Profit. (and a loveable memory of my youth)

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