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A Handicapped Bitch in Recovery!

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Bloggyversary and The End of the World...

Two years ago, on a very boring New Year´s Eve, getting through the first stages of a "weird" ilness (that stayed until today), being trapped in what I thought it was a lil´broken but happy 3 years old marriage (stoopid me) living again on my parent´s (cuz of my ilness) and spending more hours than the ones I had sitting in front of a screen... I started a blog.

This lil spot on the cyberspace once called "Welcome to my Soul" soon became a truly two-way highway where info and feelings were running fast-speed back and forth all the way from the outside world to the bottom of my heart.

Happyness, love, fears, challenges... they are all here. My love, I found it here too, we´ve met through our blogs and got married on Florida last March. My friends, several of them foreign bloggers. My plays, I had the chance to share details and pics of every opening night. My fears, every new step on my treatments, every fall... it´s all here.

Back then I didn´t know I was going to find so much love, beyond the "hits" I got on my stasts... I didn´t know I would have so many friends... I didn´t know I would have so many partners on this long wicked road... on that life that was about to change...forever.

Tomorrow I´m flying to Antartica to celebrate New Year´s Eve at The End of The World and, of course, you all will be there with me while raising my glass on the tost.


and, again, THANKS!

Ian Ivy du Bois

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