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A Handicapped Bitch in Recovery!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Man in my Room...

As most of you know, when the first symptoms of my illness came up two and a half years ago, i was forced to move back to my parents´ house. Before then I was enjoying the pleasures of a three-year-rotten-marriage in a very snob beautiful apartment, a half block from everything, in the heart of B A Downtown.

No matter how traumatic the things I was getting through were , the biggest shock was to find myself living again in my old room, a room that had been completelly redecorated by Lucas (Stupid Brother) who had been living there for four years since I first moved out.

One of the things he had brought to my room was a huge portrait of a fisherman (???)


I started asking everyone in the house where the hell that thing had came from ´couse, secreatelly, I knew I had seen it somewhere before...

This piece of art was hanging on one of my aunt´s walls when I was a lil´kid. It´s one of the first pieces made by Ofelia V, my aunt´s mother in law who has become a very well known artist nowadays.

Believe it or not, it is made by stitching Needlepoint and its scary the way she managed to capture that expression on his eyes with only a few colored cords and a needle...

The piece is untitled, and its from 1963, now proudly shown in my bedroom, at the top of my bed... a man with no name, a Guardian of my dreams...


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