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A Handicapped Bitch in Recovery!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

The story behind the Pictures

Have you seen the pics on my last post?
Hell no, I´m not doing drag shows, nor became a nun... Those pictures were part of a set we created for this year´s San Telmo Festival in the heart of old BA neighbourhood.

Every year, for the aniversary of its particular flee market, San Telmo celebrates a wonderful and "unique" festival where Tango&Theatre are the Great Divas.

For this occasion, the stands in the flee market performs on a staging contest, where the mayor challenge is to come up with a new "original" idea, and we are talking about the most creative people in the BA art world.

The Contest consists in creating a "stage" using the Flee Market Stand space, this means picking up a "theme" and build a structure using a 6 x 4 feets spopt. This way, the Flee Market turns into a beautiful exhibition and its members, in full costume, becomes very sspecial pieces of a funny "freak Show".

This way, year after year the constestants performances are more sofisticate and the challenge (I love that word) of coming up with new ideas gets harder and harder...

For those of you who don´t remember, HERE is the link to my last year´s post about it, where I breafilly tell the story of how I was invited to write and direct a play for this contest.

What I never told you is that spoof of Helen of Troy got the first place and a Golden Medal(!!!) so this year I was again invited to be part of it.

I was going to be in Miami by the time this contest would be taking place so we tried to get all details done by then... and we did.

We created a 1920´s scenario where, during one of those endless mob wars, Billy Joe, a very famous criminal, known as "THE MAN OF A THOUSAND FACES" had scaped from Jail not before swering he would take revenge of the ones who betrayed him.

This stage had a huge fraim with the diff´rent "faces" he was portraited with... showing how impossible was to recognice him because of his awesome costume& make-up talent.

...of course, the joke was he appears with almost tjhe same "face" on each picture.

"The unrecognizeable Billy Joe, a story of crime" got the Golden Medal on November 19th and also won the first prize.

My team became Second Year Consecutive Winner...

yes, you can clap now...

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