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A Handicapped Bitch in Recovery!

Monday, January 03, 2005

Stupid Traditions: "CLEANING DAY"

picture courtesy by www.dekelsite.com

You know, sometimes there are things people do just because "they have to" or without even thinking what the fuck are they doing or why.
Well Ladies and gentleman, let me show you one of these Argentinean Stupidity Greatest Moments, what I´d like to call: "CLEANING DAY".

Every year, at the end of the last working day of December, a very strange phenomenon occurs in the streets of BUENOS AIRES downtown: If you look at the sky, you would probably be surprised by a "white paper rain". Yes my friends, like in a soccer stadium, but in the streets.
But please don´t run away screaming and trying to find a metereollogyst, ´cause what you really need to get a valuable explanation is a shrink!.

People who works in offices, banks, public admin, etc. collects all kind of papers related with the ending year such as memos, agendas, post-its, calendars, documents, files, etc. and throw them out the window!!

So... in midsummer, BA is covered with a white-as-snow thing that is nothing but GARBAGE!!

A very strange ( interesting?) thing to watch...but not to be proud of.


oh! I love my country.............

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