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A Handicapped Bitch in Recovery!

Wednesday, February 09, 2005


I know this won´t be one of your favorites posts and I know this is the worst way to start it too but, for some reason, I had this feeling of writting about my childhood passion (scape closs?): DINOSAURS.

First of all, a very brief description of what my chilhood was like:

I was born in September 1979, first child of a very young couple, first grandson, first nephew, first EVERYTHING! so imagine how my first years were like... yes, I was a little golden prince and it was like that for 7 years untill my brother, L., was born.
yup.. i had everything a kid could desire, toys, games...love, joy and happyness.

I had lived in that cristal bubble for too long... and when i grew up and started
to deal with other kids.. i discovered that the world was not that incredibly good.

I was special.... some kind of freaky overintelligented dumbed ass, i started kinder knowing how to read & write. A weird little beast.,

Now that i think about it, i never knew i was diff´rent from other kids until i started to feel "diffrent things" and i´m talking about my preteen age... and the main reason of this "unassumed weirdness"was my parents attitude: even though they knew they were raising a monster, ( a gay one) they never allowed me to feel i was unlike any other people in this planet. They teached me how to write as a game and because i demanded it. I wanted to know everything and they supported me on that. (The whole sexual orientation issue was not a problem... yet)

So... i started school.
My golden little world of wonder was not that marvalous... and as a scape closs i discovered there were lots of diff´rent species of the most incredible animals this planet had seen alive. DINOSAURS.

I can´t remember how it started, or who showed me a draw for the first time, but I still have the picture in my mind: my grandfather, one of the most important souls I had in my life, came home with a science book called “the book of dinosaurs” (remember this was a pre-JURASSIC PARK age). This book had not so many pictures on it, and was the only book he could find. It has like 300 pages. I loved it... it became sort of a Bibble to me, and i´m proud to say that, despite being readed a million times, it is still on my desk.

Then I made my first eye contact: Dad took me to La Plata Museum of Natural History to see the dinosaurs collection (the greatest in Lat America) and that was enough to make an obsession started.

I had a new world... it wasn´t golden, but it was full of the most beautifull creatures, giants, geourgeous... and above all things: safe.

And I grew up dreaming on becoming a sucessfull paleontologist... sorrounded by dino-books, dino-toys (anything that looks like a dinosaur included:godzilla, lizard skeleton, etc).
A paralel reality where "being diff´rent was not cuestionable.
I was 7 years old when I first talk with a real paleontologist and he was so surprised I knew all the expedition proceduures and technical names.
That was my scape from reality... I was special... but in this Jurassic bubble I was safe.

Years passed by, I´m an adult now... or trying to be one...

There are no Dinos on my house.. all my toys are now part of my little brother´s toy boxes... I often buy dinosaurs for all childrens I know... I still have this little feeling inside, and I´m not ashamed to admit that I was the only person at the teathre who was crying at the Argentine Premiere of JURASSIC PARK... I was a kid again, and my childhood dream came true, they were breathing, they were so amazingly alive! Like in my dreams, those that helped me get through SADNESS in an age when I didnt know the real meaning of that word.


I had this one too!!!

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