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A Handicapped Bitch in Recovery!

Friday, January 21, 2005

Mi Buenos Aires Querido*

. nightshot of the obelisque. If you look closer, you can see my appartment window on this pict.
As some of you may know, since my ilness started I had to move back to my parentss house out of town, in Ciuad Evita (yeah.. that´s its ridiculous name) a very nice neighbourhood 20 minutes highway time from my beloved downtown BA. (where my cuttie two bedrooms appartment is).
Finally, after a long time, I´m going to spend this weekend there. And I just can´t wait!
To be home agasin is like holydays in some spa resort (without mud bathing and stuff). it will be time to relax, time to think, and time to enjoy little things such as slow music, breakfast in bed, napping and the greatest of them all: the love of my husband.
God, I miss my life!
FRIENDS: First of all, thank you so much for all the comments and emails I got, full of the kindest words, related with my grandmothers death. Anonymous Coworker asked if there was something you can do to help me, and I gotta say buddy, you already did it. Those words made me feel I had to keep on moving. Can´t thank you all enough.
Secondly, I_ wont be postig until tuesday, so, I´ll miss u a lot! (I´ll try to come back with a sequell of my TWIGLIGHT ZONE post, yes! I´ve got more creeepy real stuff. ). In the meantime, you still have my "80´s game" and I hope to find my haloscan comment box full of oldies&unforgettables 80´s titles.
So... this is it for now...I´ll see you next week (a new beginning). and STAY TUNED!

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