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A Handicapped Bitch in Recovery!

Sunday, February 27, 2005


*-written in my laptop during my first week at the REHAB CENTER.


this will be my first post since I came into this clinic. I´m a little dissapointed with the fract that it´s already thursday and I don´t have my internet access thing arrenged yet but believe me, i´m working on it, trying to convince them that I have some kind of extrange condition that makes me kill people dresssed in white suits (doctors, nurses, etc) if I don´t have a regular dosis of internet, so I have two posibilities:

  1. to get internet access
  2. to get free pills (they think i´m nuts... I wonder why?)

in the meantime, I´ll have to get used to the idea of posting once a weeek, during weekends.


this place is great, my room is very nice and spacy and i don´t have to share it!!, the food is good, better than the one I eat at home (sorry Mom, it´s great u don´t get a word in english!) but the most important thing: the people here, from my designated P THERAPIST to the ladies who works in the kitchen, the nurses, and the rest of the staff are so kind and gentle. they are all the time trying to make you feel better, smiling, cheering, joking... it´s like a trip to Disneyland.

And the therapy seems to be good!, actually its my third day here and today, during my PT session, THEY MADE ME WALK FROM THE GYM TO MY ROOM TWICE!!! (of course I was assistd all the time by Alejandro, my designated PT -the coolest guy here, I swer I didn´t have the chance to choose between tHem!!- AND I COULD DO IT!!!!)

YES, IT´S NOT EASY, I´m working really hard, it´s the only thing I can do here, I don´t have time even to think I´m in a clinic, the days starts really early in the morning and the activities don´t stop until the evening. when I´m so fucking exhaussted that instead of sleeping I get into A COMA!

and lemme tell ya, every muscle of my body hurts like hell it feels like I had a needle stucked inside them... but worth the effort.

No matter how cute, handsome, gentle and kind this people could be, they are good profesionals and they r here to help me get everything back to normal inbn my life. it´s a long road.. but I had definitely accepted the callenge, and I won´t give up.

As you know me.. I have already a lot of funny stories to tell you about this place... I will take my time next week to sit down and write them well as you deserve.... but believe, I already started to be me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EHEHHEHEHEH


first day of work... gym...

ALEJANDRO (my Handsome taken-from-an-escort-catalogue 1.92 meters tall PT) was trying to make me stand up evaluating my equilibrium skills, so he asked me to hug him, putting my arms around his neck. he held me by my waist strongly (thing that took me by surprise) and we started to "walk" like that around the gym... (our faces were 3 or 4 centimeters close)

then winked and said to him: "baby, it´s been long since I dont dance with such a handsome guy, are u gonna give me your number or what?"

He started to laugh and now, everytime he do that exercise, we laugh about the songs we should be dancing togheter.






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